Media Coverage // Join The Impact Protest Against Prop 8

Good News Everyone!
I just received a phone call from the Contra Costa Times. They will be sending out photographers to our event in Walnut Creek! Get ready to show the world how we feel! 

Also, our media correspondent Chris and the organizer from the Alameda group will also be doing a radio spot tomorrow morning on KPFA radio 94.1 FM at 7:30 AM so be sure to tune in!

It looks like we are going to have a very strong group at the rally this weekend, please remember that this is a peaceful protest and that we need to keep things positive and respect others in the area. Please also review the Join The Impact Mission Statement. We hope to see you all there!
1) Please try and wear Red, White, and Blue to the rally! We feel it is important to show that we are not just LGBT, but more importantly, Americans deserving of equal treatment under the law. 

2) There is parking available on South Broadway, about 2 blocks from City Hall. The Walnut Creek Police Department has requested that we park in that area, as it has enough parking spaces for groups of our size. The fee is $3.00 for all day parking. 
3) Please remember that our pickets can only be 1/4 of an inch thick, or they may be considered weapons. We don’t want that…
Thanks everyone! 

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One response to “Media Coverage // Join The Impact Protest Against Prop 8

  1. Sol

    Is there an address for the parking garage we should use?

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